Design of the entrance hall of the Goethe-Institut Belgium



The Goethe-Institut is the globally active cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany. As such, we are committed to promoting understanding between Germany, Europe and the world. The activities of the Goethe-Institut Belgium, located in the EU quarter of Brussels, include cultural exchange as well as cultural events, German language courses and information work.   

In this context, we are delighted to bring attention to our Open Call for artists. We are inviting local artists to submit their design proposals or artistic concepts for the entrance hall of the Goethe-Institut Belgium. Whether your ideas are graphic or painterly in nature, there are virtually no limits to creativity, with only a few minor restrictions in place. Our primary goal is to enhance our commitment to local cultural initiatives, and we eagerly look forward to realizing the most compelling work. In this respect, it is of particular concern to us that the participating artists are based in Belgium.We particularly encourage all artists who belong to underrepresented and marginalised groups – regardless of their migration history, ethnic and social background, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and social gender, disability or age – to submit applications. 
Required documents & remuneration  

By 12 November 2023, we ask interested artists to submit an elaborated design on a maximum of six A4 pages (written description incl. visual representation).   

  • short description of the concept including use of materials and duration of implementation in English or German (max. 500 words) 
  • visual representation of the idea on max. five A4 pages (medium of choice: sketch, photograph, digital representation etc.)  
  • budget plan  
  • portfolio of the artist (e.g.: artist statement, work samples, website etc.)  

The fee for the final selected work is 6000€ (incl. VAT).   

In addition, a maximum of 3000€ will be provided for material and production costs (incl. VAT). Any travel expenses incurred cannot be reimbursed.    

The confirmation for the final project commitment will be provided in early December. The artist will then proceed to execute the work on-site at the beginning of the upcoming year.

Information about the location  

The Goethe-Institut Belgium is located in the heart of the EU quarter. To get a better impression of the entrance hall, please feel free to drop by during our opening hours.   

at Rue Belliard 58, 1040 Brussels 

Find detailed directions on our homepage. 

Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 20:00  
Friday: 08:00 – 16:00 


Please note that the design of the entrance hall of the Goethe-Institut is subject to certain structural specifications and restrictions. All elements designed by the artist must be conceived in such a way that they do not block any existing escape routes or obstruct access to electrical outlets and other important facilities. Furthermore, the design must take into account the following constraints:   

  • all materials used must be of fireproof material (fabrics, wood, etc.)   
  • if flammable materials such as paper are used, they must be placed in a fireproof frame   
  • larger objects cannot be placed or hung from the ceiling 

Note: the white cupboards and flower pots can be moved. 

Evaluation & Criteria  

Each proposal will be evaluated based on the applicant’s proposal and the quality of the application. Relevant areas that will be considered include:  

  • artistic innovation  
  • quality and coherence of the proposal  
  • reflection on the role of the Goethe-Institut in Belgium   
  • feasibility of the proposal  

After careful consideration and evaluation by an internal jury of Goethe-Institut representatives, the proposal will be awarded to the artist with the most convincing concept. 

How to apply  

Please submit your complete application documents via the application portal Typeform by 12 November 2023 at the latest. Please note, incomplete or late applications cannot be considered. If you have any queries, please contact Carmen Herold ( 

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