CIFAS’ producers academy: an international group of producers gathers with peers during Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Cifas / Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Learning Lab for International Producers


The Producers’ Academy is a dedicated time to reflect, think, co-learn, encounter, and question the practice of the producer. With open minds and open hearts, integrity and fun, this four day workshop delves into the current urgencies and issues around producing work and being a producer.

With approaches that are sometimes experimental (have you heard of the fairy purse?) or deeply technical (art(ists) still need(s) to cross borders), we aim to explore how we can practice values of cooperation and collaboration, care and solidarity, empowerment and enjoyment, tackling the questions of (self)care, fair practices, transnational practices, as well as the nitty gritty of producing performing arts, playing with budgets, and maybe reinventing one-self.

The different subjects will be explored while talking, listening, walking or playing, using the expertise of inspirational guests and the knowledge within the room. This year guests will include Bek Berger and Katrien Reist amongst others.


17th>20th May
9:30>18:00 + 2 Evening performances at Kunstenfestivaldesarts.


The Producers’ Academy will take place in Brussels, the exact venue will be confirmed soon.


Producers, creative producers, art workers, cultural entrepreneurs in the performing arts.




Participation free of charge, including lunches and two performances at Kunstenfestivaldesarts. Accommodation and travel costs are covered by the participants.
Cifas offers 3 grants to support some costs for producers from countries where little or no financial support is available for international mobility. Upon application, see more on our website.
Online applications: by 06.03.2023 – 17:00 CET.
A project by Cifas and Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

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