Casting call: performers for graduation performance

Bachelor of Choreography at Fontys Dance Academy


We are 4 young makers from the Bachelor of Choreography at Fontys Dance Academy, looking for performers to join our Graduation Performances.

For whom?

This is an Open Call for professional Performers and Interns based in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Each choreographer has written down who they are looking for and what they will work on. You can choose to apply for a specific choreographer, multiple or all of them.

Ghaliah Conroy
BIPOC ONLY – I am looking for two movement based performers of colour. Any age, size or dance background but with a strong stage presence and open mind. During the process we will explore the racial stereotypes and prejudice faced by people of colour in society through dance and movement. We will work in co-creation going deep into ourselves for an honest, physical and fruitful process.

Emma Schild
I am looking for two energetic performers with a rich inner world, plenty of creativity and an authentic approach towards their own moving body. In this work we will research the expressiveness of the body in relation to your inner world. An ungraspable place full of mystery and playfulness. Discovering different layers and atmospheres within this inner world and finding authentic ways to translate this to the body. To the point where a clash with the outside world emerges.

In the past 1,5 years I have been developing a movement language that is fragmented, sensitive and uses oppositi ons between the body and facial expressions.

Lucca van der Ploeg
I am looking for dancers who are open minded and are willing to be part of the creative process. Dancers who are intuitive and creative. Who have a big imagination and can embody this in their improvisation. The keywords I work with are: silence, standing still and seeing.

Kato Mergan
“no brain, no glory, no body, same story” (working title). This creation gives an inside in a comical and absurd universe where the brain and the body are tracing for each other. For this creation I am looking for a performer with a strong theatricality and a musician who plays guitar or keyboard and has a background in movement/dance or theatre. During the working process we will work experimental and in co-creation.

How to apply?

  • audition: 24th of March 2022
  • deadline for applications: 6th of March 2022
  • place: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • rehearsal period: April, May 2022 in the Netherlands
  • performance days: 3rd and 4th of June 2022, Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg, Netherlands

Apply to: bachgraduation(at) with

  • An up-to-date CV
  • One video where you introduce yourself in 1 minute (only youtube or vimeo link)
  • One video where you show your movement language and special skills in 3 minutes (only youtube or vimeo link)

You can only attend the audition by invitation. You will hear from us latest on the 11th of March about time and location. Travel costs and/or accommodation to the audition cannot be reimbursed.