Brusselse kunststudent? Stel je kandidaat voor de Prix Laurent Moonens

Stichting Moonens


The “Prix Laurent Moonens” is a yearly competition opened to final year students of any of the six “Ecole Supérieure d’Art” in Brussels, the home town of the Artist.

For the “Session 2022”, its ninth instance, the winners will be awarded one of the four studio spaces in the Foundation house for a 9 months residence. 

We found this is a good way to contribute to an Artist’s career, specifically when the emerging creator quits the student’s environment.

Our Jury is composed of 5 or more members, some are permanent, some might change every year.

For whom?

This competition is for final year students of the art schools in Brussels: Sint-Lukas BrusselsESA St.LucLa CambreERGAcadémie RoyaleLe 75

How to apply?

Entries have to be submitted before April 23 2022 at 12:00

Read more and apply.