ARCUS Research 2023: a short-term residency program for summer 2023 in Japan

ARCUS Studio

We are accepting applications for ARCUS Research 2023, a short-term residency program for summer 2023.

ARCUS Research is a self-directed program that enables not only artists but also curators, researchers, writers, and practitioners in the cultural field to focus on in-depth research and engage in creative discourses and activities.

Located in an hour from Tokyo and close to Mt. Tsukuba, ARCUS Research provides a calm environment and working space where participants can reflect and unwind the creative process.

The program offers a one or two months residency period from June to August 2023. The application deadline is January 20, 2023. We look forward to receiving your applications!


One-month residency: 1 or 2 participants for each period
Friday, June 9ーSaturday, July 8, 2023
Tuesday, July 11ーWednesday, August 9, 2023

Two-month residency: 1 or 2 participants
Friday, June 9ーWednesday, August 9, 2023

PROGRAM FEE (paid by participants)
One-month residency: JPY250,000
Two-month residency: JPY500,000
(tax included)

*The program fee includes studio space, accommodation, and basic consultation and orientation at the beginning of the residency program. A bicycle is provided. Additional support such as interpretation, translation, and coordination for research or a project is available for a fee. Please refer to the program outline.

The applicant must:
-be a practitioner or other professional in a cultural and art-related field, including an artist, curator, researcher, or writer.
-not be enrolled at an educational institution during the program period unless a PhD program.
-be in a state of good health and able to carry out daily activities on their own.
-have English-language ability proficient enough to communicate with staff.

Applications must be submitted by email no later than Friday, January 20, 2023 by 23:59:59 (JST)
*Please read the guideline carefully before applying.


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