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Sound Art in Flanders: A Growing Discipline

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When was sound art created? How did it take shape in Flanders? Since the 1990s, and in tandem with international impulses, sound art in Flanders has continued to expand, and has now become a dynamic scene with its own specialist makers, organizations and production platforms. Over the last decade, the discipline has also received full recognition within the Flemish arts landscape.

Video produced by Sander Tas

Thanks to Joost Fonteyne, Esther Venrooy, Julia Eckhardt, Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman and Stijn Dickel.

With work from Els Viaene, Mariska de Groot, Amber Meulenijzer, Christoph De Boeck, Tomás Cabado, Liew Niyomkarn and Yann Leguay.

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