C-TAKT is the merger project of the residency programme TAKT Dommelhof (Neerpelt) and the workspace C-mine culture center (Genk). This new and young workplace has grown out of the need for a place where artists can work on their projects in peace and quiet.

C-TAKT focusses mainly on transdisciplinary artistic expression and young talent. More and more artists today are pushing the boundaries of the art disciplines and even exceed them. New ways of expressing oneself emerge and cannot simply be categorised within a particular discipline. C-TAKT wants to support these artists and the development and realisation of these transdisciplinary types of projects.

More and more artists are making work where it is important to pass through various intermediate stages or work on a theme in a cycle that spans several years. To the end product often precedes a long process of preliminary research. Therefore C-TAKT chooses to support artists and artistic productions in their research and development phase.

C-TAKT acts as a research and creation platform within a wider network. The merger between workshop C-mine and TAKT Dommelhof is further strengthened by structural partners in Flanders and beyond. For example, C-TAKT works closely with five special partners, namely wpZimmer (Antwerp), Platform 0090 (Antwerp), SoAP (Maastricht), Musica (Pelt) and the international network In Situ.