De School van Gaasbeek

In 2014, De School van Gaasbeek. Platform for Creation and Residence concluded an agreement with the municipality of Lennik, a small town close to Brussels. A year earlier they made a proposal to the mayor and the aldermen to reuse the former village school and former town hall of Gaasbeek.

The municipality completed the renovation of the premises, the apartments, the workspace and accompanying residential spaces. There are two newly renovated apartments and two decent working spaces in the green area of Gaasbeek. The quietness is certainly an advantage for those who are looking for a form of isolation, to work focused without distraction.Today the workspace is very busy with artists, young artists, from dance, theater, music, visual arts, literature,… filling in the space. They come from all angles and from all corners of the world.

De School van Gaasbeek is most visible with the annual SeptemberFestival. During the festival the organisation brings young talents, mostly the residents of the year before, together with more experienced and well-known artists.