De Grote Post

In De Grote Post, we give artists room to experiment. Literally and figuratively. We support them in shaping their individual course, because that is how they also help shape our society. De Grote Post is a hospitable house and an ideal breeding ground where makers (theatre, performance, music, circus, comedy, multidisciplinary) can rehearse, scrap and start all over again in peace and quiet and with the necessary supervision.
There is this vigilance for a permanent anchoring of their work. This anchoring lies in the content, the long-term cooperation and the constant search for the right connection between makers, the house, the audience, the city and the professional field.
It goes without saying that good working conditions and a hospitable environment are important conditions for artistic creation, because the structure or context in which one works determines the artistic process and the result.

DGP as a stimulating, flexible workplace.
There is also the residents festival KIEM where residents get the chance to show work in progress or a finished performance. 

Every year in mid-November, there is an open call for residencies for the following season.

Image: Kathie Danneels (Viraal - De Grote Post)