Let me be your guide: contemporary jazz

Belgian jazz is hot, both in our own country and abroad. Who are the acts and artists that manifest themselves and who are also internationally renowned?


To commemorate 100 years of jazz, Flanders Arts Institute launched an online who’s who to introduce Belgian jazz to an international professional audience.

Go to Belgianjazz.be and:

  • Read portraits of contemporary jazz acts and musicians (selected and written by jazz programmers and critics)
  • View all jazz venues and organizations on a map
  • Get introduced to the Belgian jazz scene by an outsiders’ view
  • Discover a playlist of contemporary tracks
  • Get tips on how to listen to jazz by connoisseurs

Research and development

Which areas of focus will determine the future of the arts in Flanders and Brussels? What are the current research projects of Flanders Arts Institute envisioning the development of the arts sector?