re/framing the international #2


The second edition of the three-part pop-up magazine series re/framing the international.

re/framing the international is a collection of texts and reports featuring trends, stories and reflections on new ways of working internationally in the arts. In the framework of a research trajectory of the Flanders Arts Institute, this publication seeks to break open that which is being taken for granted, by means of essays and conversations with artists, as well as inspirational gatherings and conferences.

In this edition:

  • Joachim Ben Yakoub – The Dream Collaboration. On possible pitfalls in the creation of collaborative projects with the MENA region.
  • Simon Leenknegt – Trending Countries
  • Jeroen Peeters – Transition Exercises for a More Sustainable Mobility
  • Tom Van Imschoot – The Need for a Different Language. A conversation with Sarah Vanhee.
  • Nico Kennes – “Music is more than a strategic plan.” The international live career of Amenra
  • Hicham Khalidi & Dirk De Wit – Subjectivity and locality in a transnational sphere
  • Ash Bulayev – Freedom and Frenzy
  • Hilde Teuchies – Reclaiming the European Commons. Part two.

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