Job opening: Flanders Arts Institute is looking for a part-time project coordinator – United Kingdom f/m/x (senior)

Flanders Arts Institute is looking for an experienced f/m/x to coordinate the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) project.

Flanders Arts Institute stimulates cooperation and exchange between the arts field and policy in Flanders and the UK. Over the past decades we have built strong relationships with cultural actors, platforms and intermediaries, and have set up numerous programmes for British professionals in Flanders and vice versa.

Today we are examining the impact of Brexit on existing networks and government instruments, and we are developing instruments and proposals to strengthen relations with the UK and make them more sustainable.

What is your task?

  • You will map out the relationships between the arts field, arts policy and the intermediary organisations in Flanders and the UK. You will monitor and analyse this data to identify potential gaps and opportunities. You will search for answers to questions such as:
    • What does the collaboration between the Flemish and British arts sector look like, and what impact will Brexit have on the wishes and possibilities of the Flemish arts? 
    • What are the opportunities and obstacles in UK arts policy for cooperation between Flemish and British players?
    • How can the collaboration between the Flemish and British arts scenes be promoted through relations between Flanders Arts Institute and intermediary organisations in the UK such as the British Council, Arts Council England & Wales, Creative Scotland, and other centres of expertise on specific themes?
  • Based on your analysis, you will develop a framework to make the collaboration more sustainable.

In concrete terms, you will achieve this by taking the following actions:

  • You will map existing and new contacts, relationships and networks between Flanders and the UK, with a focus on diversity, inclusiveness and engaging a plurality of voices.
  • You will examine the pre-Brexit situation (based on a benchmark from 2018), the post-Brexit/Covid situation (based on the monitoring work of Flanders Arts Institute) and the desired situation (based on a sector survey) in connection with collaboration with the UK. 
  • You will sustainably connect makers and organisations in Flanders and the UK. In collaboration with the Flanders Arts Institute team, you will coordinate:
    • digital sessions per discipline (performing arts, visual arts and classical music) and on the themes of access, inclusion and diversity
    • working visits for Flemish professionals to the UK
    • programmes developed for British professionals to become acquainted with the sector in Flanders
    • workshops on intersectionality within the themes of access, inclusion and diversity.


  • You have knowledge of and experience with the arts field and arts policy in the UK.
  • You have knowledge of and experience in monitoring and sector surveys.
  • You have a vision on international cooperation and what it takes to achieve this.
  • You are able to coordinate projects from the design phase to implementation.
  • You work independently and in close consultation with colleagues. 
  • You are able to coordinate a team or a group of external experts or partners. 
  • You are willing to travel occasionally to the UK.
  • You speak and write English fluently.
  • You make contacts easily and have strong organisational skills. 
  • You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

Are we the colleagues you are looking for?

  • 21 colleagues who work with passion to support, inform and develop the arts field (yes, we like and often go to see art together, and yes, we are always curious about each other’s artistic interests).
  • A team that is open to new perspectives. We are working hard on a more inclusive work culture. We are aware that this is a long process with a considerable learning curve, but one to which we are fully committed.
  • We are result driven, and are flexible regarding working hours and workplace. 
  • You can find us in our office in Galerie Ravenstein, between Brussels-Central station and BOZAR.

What we offer?

  • A substantively challenging job with the necessary autonomy in a team of enthusiastic colleagues;
  • A workplace in the heart of Brussels, near the Central Station;
  • A part-time contract of one or two days a week and a maximum duration of 14 months; 
  • A salary in accordance with joint industrial council PC 329.01, cat B1a (seniority is taken into account) or as an independent contractor;
  • Extra remuneration in the form of meal vouchers, a home-work subscription;
  • Flexible working hours with the option to work from home;
  • Reimbursement of your expenses.

About Flanders Arts Institute

Flanders Arts Institute is the focal point for the visual arts, the performing arts and classical music in Flanders. We inform and advise, develop and innovate, and we organise numerous events, both nationally and internationally.

Flanders Arts Institute employees work independently, but within a clear framework. Decisions are made where the expertise is located, and as little top-down as possible. Flanders Arts Institute attaches importance to promoting equal opportunities. The qualities of people take precedence over age, gender, origin, disability or nationality. People with an active art practice are encouraged to apply.

Is this job for you?

  • Send your resume and cover letter to, no later than 6 November 2022.
  • Explain clearly why you qualify and your relevant experience. Feel free to provide references from previous workplaces or former colleagues. Also explain why you are interested in this position.
  • Please mention in the subject of your email: “Application BAR”.
  • Interviews will take place on 16 November 2022, at Flanders Arts Institute.
  • Questions concerning this job opening? Send an email to