Reframing the International: Flanders Arts Institute invites the arts sector to jointly delineate plans on working internationally

(c) Annabella Schwagten

On 6 December 2016, Flanders Arts Institute will launch its research and development programme with regard to working internationally in the arts, entitled Reframing the International. Artists, programmers, curators, organisers and other professionals are invited to present their snappy experiences, obstacles, dormant transformation models and rough ideas for the future.

Political, economic and social aspects that have a direct impact on the arts, such as a withdrawing government and diminishing co-production contributions, and indirect aspects such as city marketing, Brexit, refugees, climate change and tax shelters, will be examined critically.

Is this still really about export and promotion, nation branding, financial transactions, prizes and prestigious presentations? Or are there more significant forms of transnational exchange? And what will working internationally look like tomorrow?

During a day dedicated to reflection on this topic in Bruges, we would like to centralise snappy experiences, obstacles, dormant transformation models and rough ideas for the future. This initiative is prompted by the emphasis on working internationally in policy texts and subsidy applications.

Flanders Arts Institute provides professionals with an ‘Open Space’ platform to share ideas on working internationally. These ideas will be complemented by key notes from researchers, artists and organisations.


Concertgebouw Brugge
6 december 2016
10u30 am – 5:00 pm


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The programme Reframing the International will consist of different phases. In the course of the season 2016-2017, Kunstenpunt will publish different analyses in an online special, and in the autumn of 2017. The programme will end with an international conference and a publication.