Minister of Culture Jambon presents new strategic vision statement for the Arts

Last Friday, the Flemish government approved the strategic vision statement of Flemish Minister of Culture Jambon. In this vision statement, the minister establishes his strategic vision on the policy framework for the Arts.

Strategic vision statement

The strategic vision statement is the further elaboration of his Culture Policy Memorandum, and takes into account the guidelines of the Flemish Coalition Agreement. The vision statement is prepared on behalf of the Flemish Government and is submitted to the Flemish Parliament.

December 2020 subsidy round postponed for one year

In order to implement the amendments to the Arts Decree and to provide sufficient space for consultation and reflection, the subsidy round of 1 December 2020 will be postponed by a maximum of one year.

Where can I find the strategic vision statement?

The vision statement and its two appendices can be found here (in Dutch):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Analysis and research by Flanders Arts Institute

Over the next few weeks, Flanders Arts Institute will be further analysing this policy document. We have published several articles on the vision statement on our website.