Sustainable international travel in the arts: Flanders Arts Institute shows the way with a new map

Which cities can you reach by train from Brussels-Midi – or the other way around – within half a day? Flanders Arts Institute wants to offer an alternative for many destinations in Europe. That is why we are presenting a new railway map with destinations that can be reached by train in less than 6.5 hours.

With this map – which is part of our research trajectory (Re)framing The International – Flanders Arts Institute wants to inspire artists and artists to travel sustainably for tours, prospections and conferences.

The research project (Re)framing the international

In recent years, Flanders Arts Institute has put a lot of effort into reflecting on new ways of working internationally in the arts. We collected figures and practical stories in a series of pop-up magazines, brought the sector together for inspiration sessions (stage, music and visual arts) and then shared this knowledge at a symposium, where we drew up a ‘Recipe for the Future’ with and for the arts sector on the basis of work tables and discussion rounds.

Start to Train! – the new train map of Flanders Arts Institute

This research showed, among other things, that sustainability is increasingly higher on the agenda in the arts sector. There are major challenges in the field of mobility and flying. The map of Flanders Arts Institute offers an alternative for a number of destinations in Europe. Brussels-Midi is an important junction of international train connections in Europe, which gives us an advantage over travellers from other cities.

Of course, it is not easy to go on residence or on tour by train. Certainly not if, for example, you have to play in different places in a short time. (Re)framing the international and this new railway map are therefore only a first step in exploring possible routes and alternatives.

Let’s keep this train a-rollin’!

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