Working visit to Casablanca Design Week 2019 (Morocco)

24-30 Sep 2019
Working visit
Werkbezoek Marokko rond duurzame vormgeving

Casablanca Design Week 2017. Foto: c) Nomad Studios

The Casablanca Design Week aims to bring together the different actors of Design and Creation through a multitude of free events, open to all: exhibitions, conferences, debates, ephemeral animations and especially the presentation of the work of designers and craftsmen in different places of the city of Casablanca.

In recent years, a lively art and culture scene has emerged in Morocco. A new generation of designers and artists work together on issues concerning sustainable living and connects the Moroccan craft culture with social design and current issues related to ecology.

Within the context of this multidisciplinary and sustainable creative culture, Flanders Arts Institute organizes a working visit around sustainable design with FARO, Z33 House for contemporary art, Flemish-Moroccan culture house Darna and Flanders DC.

After an open call, fifteen Flemish professionals from the art and design sector were selected to participate in the Casablanca Design Week. The program, compiled by design collective HOUNA, includes meetings with Moroccan designers and artists. Each participant also undertakes to build up a multi-year cooperation process.


  • Lies Van Assche (artist, costume designer and social designer) and art historian Hanane Llouh coordinate Doek vzw, an inclusive and transversal textile platform that aims to create a superdiverse community of artists, designers, researchers, makers and artisans who face the major challenges in society: living together in solidarity and respecting the natural balance.
  • Charlotte Jonckheer: designer and co-founder of BRUT collective. She investigates forms and materials that anticipate active interaction with the user and bring personal and emotional value.
  • Ief Spincemaille makes performances, sculptures and installations, in which he translates his fascination for nature and technology into poetic imagery. He conceived ‘Rope’ (a rope of 60 meters in length and 30 cm in diameter) as an open-design instrument: while travelling Rope receives new functions and meanings.
  • Fenna Zamouri is a graphic designer working in corporate, book & editorial design contexts, with a strong sense of content & typo, and interest in cross-cultural design on the intersection of Western and Arab World.
  • Sep Verboom: develops sustainable alternatives to traditional industrial production and to unite people and get them working together to find openings in the system.
  • Roxanne Janssens founed ‘Royaume Des Femmes’ with Imane Ghozali. ‘Royaume Des Femmes’ is the first Ziana specialized in Algerian clothing in Belgium and the Netherlands, handmade and exclusive one of a kind.
  • Annelies Thoelen: head of programming at Z33
  • Heleen Van Loon: coordinator of Design Platform Limburg
  • Evelien Bracke art historian and curator researching the cross-over between contemporary visual arts and design. She is currently working as a curator for Design Museum Gent.
  • Elien Doesselaere: historian and archivist, sector coordinator for intangible cultural heritage at FARO, the Flemish interface for cultural heritage.
  • Monique Verelst: staff member of FARO, working on cultural infrastructure, scena and museographie.
  • Sarah Kaerts Sarah works at ‘Werkplaats immaterieel erfgoed’ (Workshop Intangible Heritage). She studied socio-cultural work and anthropology, and has experience in enhancing diversity in the cultural (heritage) field at ‘Minority Forum’.
  • Evi Swinnen: coordinator of the city lab for new models of cooperation Timelab Gent, an arts organization based on the international model of emerging maker movements
  • Dirk De Wit: head of international relations at Flanders Arts Institute

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