Tuesday Talks #8 : what if art was not ‘a sector’ anymore?

23 Jun 2020
What images and pathways can we think of? What inspires us today?

Imagine 2040: what would the arts look like, what is our horizon? In Tuesday Talk 2 Rachida Aziz said: “the arts field should stop seeing itself as a separate sector”. What images and pathways can we think of? What inspires us today? This last Talk is about the power of imagination, a power lacking in the current political landscape.

Tuesday Talks?

These are crucial months for artists and the entire cultural sector. Not only because of the coronavirus, but also with the new Arts Decree in sight. Together with rekto:verso and State of the Arts, Kunstenpunt organizes panel discussions every Tuesday.

In between all the virtual exploits of artists, the Tuesday Talks make time for dialogue and reflection. Each week, we talk for one hour about a pressing question with four speakers, each from their own living room. Live on Facebook. Asking questions is possible.


  • When? Every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
  • Where? On the Facebook page of Kunstenpunt (or rekto:verso, State of the Arts). You don’t need a Facebook account, you don’t need to sign up, you can just watch.
  • Why? Kunstenpunt, State of the Arts and rekto:verso want to feed the debate on the arts, between loud protest in the street and silent consultation behind the scenes.

Enough to talk about, then. Especially in Dutch, sometimes in English. We do it without flogging each other with our prepackaged opinions, but hopefully together we can take a step forward.