Crossroads festival

14-17 Sep 2017
Working visit
Festival for European musical discoveries

Crossroads is the first European discovery festival for music in the Hauts-de-France region. It will take place from Thrusday 14 until Sunday 17 September 2017 at La Condition Publique in Roubaix (FR).

This new event is the occasion to discover emerging bands in a broad variety of music styles: electro, house, hip-hop, pop, rock, metal, chanson, jazz, soul and groove. The festival consists of numerous 30-minute showcase sets and meetings with professionals: onferences, workshops, speed dating and a forum for contemporary music. Crossroads invites bands from various regions in France as well as from neighbouring countries, such as Belgium.

Flanders Arts Institute is one of the partner organisations of this event.


Crossroads offers a stage to bands in the genres rock, pop, electro, hip-hop, contemporary R&B, metal, jazz, chanson, soul etc. So far, one Belgian band has been selected, Hydrogen Sea, scheduled on Friday 15 September at 6:30 pm. Bands from Wallonia/Brussels are Monolithe Noir and Robbing Millions.

More information
Read an interview with Hydrogen Sea (in French)