Will your flag design be waving in the streets soon?

Het Werkhuis


High up on the façade of Het Werkhuis are currently hanging empty flagpoles. Underused potential to give young talent more visibility in the streetscape!

Will your design soon be waving at our façade?

The purpose of our flag is to represent our unique mix of creativity and leave a lasting impression on everyday passers-by.

The selected design will be given a prominent place on top of The Workhouse, visible to the many, daily passers-by. In addition to the deserved visibility, the winner will receive a duplicate of the flag.


Send your design (225 x 150, landscape, CMYK) with a short description of the design and your creative practice to contact.werkhuis@gmail.com by 6 April.

The winning design will be publicly announced on 19 April, with a festive inauguration moment during our open studio day on Saturday 4 May.

The work will decorate our façade from then on.


  • Otis Verhoeve (Graphic Designer)
  • Dirk Reynders (Directeur LUCA School of Arts, C-Mine) 
  • Stefanie De Bakker (Kunstwerkplaats Vonk)