Open call for artists who raise children


Moeder met kind (c) Sofie Van den Bril

The art world still mostly doesn’t cater to artists who care for children. In conversations with the affected artists within our sector, there was a need expressed for peer-to-peer contact: a group of artists with children, who share tools and knowledge, to help each other and to work out clear communication of needs and advice towards the sector.

Flanders Arts Institute would like to give space to and help create such a group. Through this open call, we would like to invite interested parties to commit to this project in various ways:

  1. You can be added to a mailing list, where you will receive reports and updates on the meetings, as well as a WhatsApp group for more informal, direct information and sharing of experiences (e.g., a positive experience at a residency).
  1. You can become part of a more intensive workgroup that comes together periodically to delve deeper into the subject, discuss pain points of the sector, and think of best practices. We will write reports and work towards applicable advice in the wider sector. Every meeting will focus on a specific subject, for which you will be invited, and you can decide for yourself if you want to join. To provide maximum space and attention for constructive exchange and deepening of the themes, we have a maximum capacity of 15 participants, based on first enrollments.

The first meeting will take place on the 30th of November from 1-4 pm at our offices in the Ravensteingallerij 38 in Brussels. In this first meeting, we will map out the main issues in the sector, and based on this map, we will define the subjects of the upcoming meetings. We provide a budget per meeting through the principle of a sliding scale*: 100-150-200€, excluding VAT. We also offer an option for childcare during the meetings.

This open call was originally scheduled to run until the end of November, but due to an overwhelming response, we have been forced to end the registration period earlier than planned. This unexpected response shows remarkable interest and underlines the relevance of the initiative in question.

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* Through the concept of sliding scale, we give you the option to choose your remuneration. We ask you to take into account your current income and socio-economic status. Are you financially secure? Then consider choosing a lower remuneration. This way, it is possible for us to give people in a financially difficult situation a higher remuneration.