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Open Call (c) Flanders Arts Institute

Flanders Arts Instite’s communications team wants to expand its network of images. We want to highlight the Flemish art scene even more with photo material from within the sector.

Are you an artist, organisation, photographer or art lover who would like to collaborate with us? Then be sure to read on!

We are looking for images to illustrate our articles, research findings and events on our website, social media and newsletters. For example, images related to visual arts, performing arts or classical music. This may be taken broadly, including images of rehearsals, creation process or illustrations. In short, images that represent the current arts landscape.

What will the images be used for?

We will use the images exclusively for Flanders Arts Institute’s media: our website, social media, newsletters or publications (e.g. our annual report). We will mention the necessary credits in each case.

Participate in the open call and share your work with us

How to submit?

We would like to get to know your work:

  • Complete the online form and share with us your Instagram page or your website or upload three recent images (in high resolution)
  • Please state the credits:
    Name of artist / company / organisation / …
    Title of the performance / the work of art / …
    Name of the photographer
  • Whenever we see a link between your images and our communication message, we will contact you and ask you once again for permission to use your image for the specific campaign. We provide a fee (€50 per image) if we use the image on one of our communication carriers.
  • Please note that the images must not be copyrighted.

Participate in the open call and share your work with us


  • You can participate in this open call by filling out this form 
  • The call 2022 runs until the 1st of November 2022
  • Flanders Arts Institute works exclusively with images by artists from Flanders and Brussels, we organise this open call once a year
  • Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us