Interested and ambitious to contribute to Queer Arts Festival X New Horizons | Dieric Bouts Festival?

Expo Leuven / Queer Leuven

This group exhibition will be part of Fringe, the part of the city festival that focuses on young and upcoming creators, as well as experimentation. In the fall, Expo Leuven, and Queer Leuven, in collaboration with KU[N]ST Leuven, are organizing an expo for five up-and-coming artists, with the aim of creating a new presentation together.

Interested? Submit your concept until Friday September 22, 2023!

About the New Horizons | Dieric Bouts Festival

Dieric Bouts returns to Leuven for a major cultural festival. Bouts once again shows what he was a master at more than five centuries ago: broadening your view. After all, he looked at things from a different and innovative perspective. During the city festival, he will also subject your view of art and culture to a serious twist.

We show “new” perspectives, by curating an exhibition built solely around queer visual and audiovisual art. We place this under the framework of new perspectives, not because these perspectives are inherently new, but because these perspectives come from a minority group and often do not enjoy the same opportunities and visibility.

About Fringe

Fringe is a wayward piece of programming, just off the beaten path. Central are young creators and experimentation. This becomes audible and visible in existing and new work by promising artistic talent. Several Leuven organizations are joining forces for this.

About the group exhibition

Where: Expo Leuven
When: November 16 until December 7.

  • The five selected artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their work and interact with each other.
  • The artists will work on existing work or have the opportunity to create a new work. This can be visual and/or performative work.
  • They will receive a compensation of 500 euros to realize their project or idea and to cover their
  • expenses.

For whom?

We are looking for artists, creators, and/or collectives who are:

  • ambitious, entrepreneurial and actively seeking his/her/their place in the broad cultural sector
  • have a background in the visual arts/performance arts/creative industry or a hybrid practice
  • are willing and able to engage actively during the month of November and December
  • can connect with the theme of the expo
  • for visual artists living, working or studying in the region of East-Brabant.

How to apply?

Send your application by Friday, September 22, 2023 by email to and queerartsfestivalleuven@fd

A complete application contains the following elements:

  • A concept: a description of the work you plan to present or create. The description
    does not have to be more than 1⁄2 A4!
  • A visual portfolio or some photos of your latest projects.
  • Videos can be attached by means of weblinks.

The selection and allocation procedure is as follows:

  • Expo Leuven and Queer Leuven, together with a team of professionals (M Leuven, Slac, Kunst in Huis) assess the applications based on the submissions and select five artists.
  • The selected artists will be notified by Sept. 29 at the latest.

Questions or more information?

Mail or