International Society for Contemporary Music World New Music Days (CA)

02-08 Nov 2017
Working visit
Work of Belgian young contemporary music composers at annual festival

Since its founding in 1922, the International Society for Contemporary Music has been the world’s premier network for new music. Each year, its festival is hosted in a different city around the globe. In 2017, the Canadian League of Composers and Music on Main welcome nearly 50 countries for a festival of new music and a celebration of new ideas, new collaborations, and new fusions. Work of three young composers from Flanders has been selected to be presented: Frederik Neyrinck, Aurélie Lierman, and Stefan Prins. They all will be present in Vancouver, with the support of the Flemish Government and Kunstenpunt / Flanders Arts Institute.


3 November at 5 pm in the Roundhouse Performance Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews

Frederik Neyrinck‘s composition ‘Gestalt X’ will performed by the Bozzini Quartet, to whom it was dedicated. ‘Gestalt X’ (duration 12’54) is a string quartet written in 2014 for violin A, violin B, viola and violoncello, whereby the viola is a quasi-solist part.
This composition is part of the Bozzini Quartet’s concert programme, including Sky Macklay’s ‘Many Many Cadences’ (US), Egidija Medekšaitė’s ‘Megh Malhar’ (LT/GB), and Martin Arnold’s ‘contact;vault’ (CA).

7 November at 5 pm in the Annex, 823 Seymour Street

Aurélie Lierman‘s composition ‘Kropka Na Ogonie & Soroka Fruwa’ will be performed by Powell Street Festival. ‘Kropka Na Ogonie & Soroka Fruwa’ (duration 8’58”) is a miniature music theatrical performance in two acts for solo percussionist written in 2016.
This composition is part of the Powell Street Festival’s concert programme, including Justin Christensen’s ‘This is fun for me, even if you don’t think it is’ (CA), Etsuko Hori’s ‘TAMAZUSA for piccolo solo’ (JP), Murat Çolak’s ‘NEFES.PAS.ÇIRA.IŞI’ (TR/US), Laura Manolache’s ‘Thinking Eden’ (RO), and Yasunoshin Morita’s ‘ReincarnatiOn Ring II for Sho, U and iPods (JP).

8 November at 12 noon in in the Roundhouse Performance Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews

Stefan Prins‘s composition ‘Hände ohne Orte’ will be performed by the Aventa Ensemble. ‘Hände ohne Orte’ (duration 13′) is a composition for clarinet, cello, percussion, piano & soundtrack. It was commissioned by ISCM World Music Days and the Decoder Ensemble. The performance by the Aventa Ensemble is the North-American premiere of ‘Hände ohne Orte’.
This composition is part of the Aventa Ensemble’s concert programme, including Dániel Péter Biró’s ‘Mishpatim (Laws) Part I’ (CA/HU/US), Michael Taplin’s ‘Lambent Fires’ (GB), Madeleine Isaksson’s ‘Isär (Apart)’ (SE/FR), and Giorgio Magnanensi’s ‘Lied • TDU FS’ (CA).

The complete programme is available at the ISCM 2017 website.

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