AAIR is a artist-oriented organization that grants time, space and mobility to national and international artists. AAIR wishes to create a sustainable context for artistic development. AAIR operates from a location in the heart of Antwerp clustering the various ambitions of the organization. The director’s house of the former biscuit factory De Beuckelaer, behind the Antwerp Zoo, houses four living and working spaces for international residents, the collective workspace of the annual international development platform STRT Kit, and the organization’s office. In the monastery next door, AAIR rents out 30 affordable workspaces to 50 artists. 

AAIR emerged from the synergy between Air Antwerpen and Studio Start. Both organizations have long endeavoured to create an ideal working environment for artists; Studio Start targeted Antwerp artists and creative entrepreneurs, while AIR Antwerpen concentrated on international visual artists. Over the course of eight years, an ongoing conversation between Studio Start and AIR Antwerpen led to an intensifying collaboration resulting in AAIR’s long-term vision: a new artist-oriented organization whose mission, operation, and structure contributes to the careers of inter/national artists.