Bains Connective

Bains Connective is an art laboratory with a multidisciplinary residency program. In 1997 a group of artists from different backgrounds invested in the renovation of the former swimming pool of Vorst/Forest in Brussels, to create a space for experimentation. The project was mainly driven by the desire to share, exchange and sustain alternative artistic practices in an autonomous environment. In 2006 Bains Connective received funding to continue creating contexts for experiment, exchange and collaboration between artists. The workspace hosts residencies for national and international artists, organizes research groups around given themes and curates public events in relation to those programs. Since 2009 artistic research has been the major focus of the artistic laboratory. Beside the regular residency program, BC also developed the “Thematics” program with the aim of giving context and visibility to the diversity of different artists’ approaches.

As a workspace we consider it important to create an environment where different artistic practices can question their relation to contemporary art and society by bringing people together to discuss and confront their ideas and the application of those practices. We connect space, artists, theoreticians and other concern practitioners and we favour collaborations between BC artists and other institutions. In this way, we hope to expand our network and facilitate connections that enrich and broaden the parameters of the artists, their works and concerns.