Operating subsidies: artistic plan

What is your artistic plan, in which discipline(s) are you active, and what function(s) do you assume? How do you translate your artistic ideas into the criteria and definitions of the Arts Decree?

Positioning on the basis of disciplines and functions

Can you identify yourself with disciplines or genres, or do you work rather transdisciplinary or cross-sector? And do you manage to link your artistic plan to the functions development, production, presentation, participation or reflection, and the criteria attached to them?

Choice of a disciplinary assessment committee

The assessment committees are composed on the basis of artistic disciplines (e.g. music theatre, architecture and design). Within these disciplinary committees, expertise is provided on the five functions. You can indicate yourself to which committee your dossier belongs. Check the pool of assessors from November!

Function-specific sub-criteria

The way you define terms such as production, reflection or development may differ from the way the Arts Decree defines these functions; make sure you know the criteria!