Operating subsidies: the minister’s concerns

In his Strategic Vision Statement of the Arts, the Minister formulated some points of attention. If one or more of these points of interest connect to your artistic or business plans, you can highlight this in your application.

  • Diversity and Landscape Care: this is related to ‘relevance in the arts landscape’, by indicating which voices you pay attention to.
  • Self-reliance: do you contribute to strengthening the vulnerable position of artists, and how? How do you achieve a good funding mix?
  • Art as community building: (how) do you contribute to social cohesion, with attention to children and young people?
  • Tradition and innovation: (how) do you invest in experimentation and renewal, (how) do you pay attention to the repertoire or to the connection between the old and the new?
  • Internationalisation: Do you recognise yourself in international peers, are you in contact with them, do they inspire you or vice versa? Can you show or tell about your work abroad? Are you committed to showing foreign work in Flanders?

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