Twelve artists and art professionals on working visit to Amman, Ramallah, Jeruzalem and Haifa

(c) Amman Design Week

From 5 until 11 October, twelve artists and art professionals (visual arts, performing arts, music) are participating at a working visit to Amman, Ramallah, Jeruzalem and Haifa, organised by Flanders Arts Institute. The working visit is part of Flanders Arts Institute’s focus on artistic collaborations in Middle-East & Northern Africa (MENA) and Europe. The trip will be preceded by the public event ‘Hopscotch – Looking at artistic practice across connected geopolitical boundaries’.

Programme working visit

The programme of the working visit is composed by Samah Hijawi and takes place during Amman Design Week in Amman and the opening week of the Qalandyia International Festival in Ramallah. The programme offers visits to art organisations and artist initiatives, meetings with artists and curators / programmers, and participation to exhibitions, performances and concerts. 


Herman Asselberghs, artist
Daniel Blanga-Gubbay, curator Aleppo
Bart Danckaert, artist
Griet Dobbels, artist
Matthieu Goeury, artistic coördinator Vooruit
Jan Hoozee, director Zephyrus Music & Records
Ilse Roosens, curator Mu.ZEE
Dirk Snauwaert, director WIELS
Jeroen Vanacker, artistic director Concertgebouw Brugge
Pieter Van Bogaert, independent curator
Charlotte Van Buylaere, independent curator
Els Vanden Meersch, artist

Public event 29 August: canceled

The public event is hosting Reem Shilleh, Mohanad Yaqubi, and Samah Hijawi (also the curator of this working visit) for an evening of presentations and discussions on their cultural practice across these cities, to get a closer look on the strategies and aesthetics implemented by artists and cultural workers to engage with their contexts. 

Due to practical reasons (visa), this public event is canceled. If you want to stay tuned about the new date, send an e-mail to Lissa Kinnaer.  


Contact Lissa Kinnaer for more information.