RESHAPE: website and publication about new organisational models and alternative ways of working

The online version of the workbook ‘RESHAPE: A Workbook to Reimagine the Art World’ is available on the project website. The printed version will be available in May 2021. 

With the website and the publication RESHAPE aims to respond to today’s challenges, aligning fairness, solidarity, and sustainability with the civil role of the arts.

Exploring the expertise of those already experimenting with new models and ways of working, the Workbook gathers instruments for transition towards a new, fairer arts ecosystem.

This Workbook is the result of RESHAPE, a research and development project that brought together artists, art professionals, and organisations from Europe and the southern Mediterranean to create new organisational models and alternative ways of working.

You can pre-order a copy of the book.

Prototypes: tools to adopt and apply

The tangible results of this process are presented in the form of Prototypes, proposals that reflect and provoke the transformation of the sector, towards more equitable and more sustainable methods and ways of working. These take various forms: a game, a collection of rituals, a house, a shapeshifting department, a multitude of questions, a call for action, and many others. All contribute to positive change in the arts and its relation to society.

RESHAPE encourages artists, art workers and organisations to adopt, apply, and build on the prototypes in their everyday practices.

Zeitgeist-material: analyses and context

The prototypes engage in dialogue with a number of existing, reworked and commissioned works selected by the RESHAPE community, which we call Zeitgeist material. The authors, including artists, scholars, and critical thinkers, analyse and contextualise these challenges, and draw up concepts for change.

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