Flanders Arts Institute has a new Board of Directors

A new ten-person Board of Directors will oversee Flanders Arts Institute for the next five years. The support centre for the arts was given new leadership earlier this year with the arrival of Ann Overbergh. The board members were elected after a widespread open call in the sector.

Last spring, Flanders Arts Institute conducted an intensive process to renew its Board of Directors and General Assembly. People from the team and from the General Assembly together further defined the values of the organisation: a focus on people, openness, agility and service. These were supplemented with a new organisational system developed by the team and based on a high degree of self-management and shared leadership.

Together we looked at which management profiles the organisation needed, taking into account the greatest possible diversity in as many areas as possible: gender, age, ethnic and/or cultural roots, expertise and professional profile, artistic discipline, regional presence and action radius. The new management team will ensure an open, cross-discipline engagement for the arts, with a high level of concern for the artistic ecosystem.

The call led to forty applications from which ten new board members were finally selected:

  • Eddie Guldolf (C-mine, C-TAKT)
  • Carolina Maciel de França (independent writer)
  • Nora Mahammed (deBuren)
  • Veerle Mans (Peeping Tom) – chair
  • Lieve Moeremans (Brugge Plus)
  • Saïda Sakali (independent director of cultural institutions)
  • Kobe Van Cauwenberghe (Cohort, Zwerm)
  • Bart Van der Roost (Opera Ballet Vlaanderen)
  • Danielle van Zuijlen (Kunsthal Gent)
  • Jan Wallyn (Zinnema)

The new board elected Veerle Mans as chair from its midst, Veerle will take the place of interim chair Steven Vandervelden (STUK), who also assisted in guiding the renewal operation: “I am very happy that this refreshing way of working with an open call has led to such a strong board of directors. All the board-level competences that Flanders Arts Institute needs today and tomorrow are present. Together with the talented team and the enthusiastic management, Flanders Arts Institute is ready to fully fulfil its connecting role.”

The General Assembly is also being renewed. Already taken on board are: Annelies Van Parys (composer), Lieselot Mariën (company lawyer), Fleur Khani (independent maker), Willem Vanderhoydonks (student) and Ilke Froyen (Passa Porta). The intention is to further expand the General Assembly during the course of this and next year to include a large group of people from a broad range of civil society organisations.

More information

Contact Ann Overbergh, general direction Flanders Arts Institute.