Art in times of crisis: what can we do together?

(c) Anne Van der Pot

Artists and artisans leave their countries because of war or because of political, social or economic circumstances that prevent them from doing their work. Governments and NGOs take care of shelter, processing trauma, financial concerns and the search for a job, workspace, a network, education (for young people) and training in language and other skills. But how can the arts sector offer support?

Support from the arts

In the arts and arts education, we can offer work space, meeting space, apprenticeships, access to networks and opportunities for development, production and presentation. As a sector, we can also set up campaigns to raise funds and materials. Beyond these needs, there are opportunities to bring skills, insights and practices to the cultural field.

Support is always tailor-made. It can be done through a buddy system, for example, but it can also be group work: supporting each other as newcomers and getting to know art organisations as a group. You usually start with people who come from the same country or language area, but they soon become mixed groups.

How to make organisations accessible to artistic newcomers? Discover the step-by-step plan

In cooperation with Globe Aroma, Fameus (De Connectie) developed a step-by-step plan on how to make cultural organisations accessible to newcomers.

What can we do together?

Can you offer something or do you want to discuss a plan of action? Or are you a newcomer looking for workspace, a job or connections in the arts field?

Join us for our weekly online meetings on Art during Crisis: every Friday from 9 to 10 via Zoom, in English
Art during crisis goes into summerbreak. The next session will take place on Friday 19 August 2022.

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The meetings currently focus on needs and opportunities for artists and artisans in and from Ukraine, but everyone is welcome. We will make a short report of each meeting.

Questions or suggestions?

If you have questions or proposals, please send an e-mail to or 

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