PAM p.m. 4: the audiovisual, sound and media arts community unites

31 Mar 2021
Information sessiononline
informal meetings between peers from the audiovisual, sound, and media arts community

PAM (Platform for Audiovisual and Media art) brings together everyone who is active in the fields of sound art, media art or audiovisual art. The Platform organises monthly meetings called PAM p.m..


Artists, curators, producers, and organisations working in these disciplines can share questions with one another and enter into a conversation. All topics can be addressed: fundraising, distribution, (co-)production, authorship, inclusion…

Unlike previous editions, for PAM p.m. 4, no specific conversation partners were invited. Instead it was conceived as knowledge sharing at its most informal and accessible.

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  • Wednesday March 31st
  • 14:00-16:30
  • online

language: English / Français / Nederlands


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