Apply for a learning tour to the Basque Country

Flanders Chancellery and Foreign Office / Etxepare Basque Institute / Flanders Arts Institute

Wind crest XV (Peine del Viento) by Basque artist Eduardo Chillida in San Sebastian (c) Reinhold Möller, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Etxepare Basque Institute is organising a learning tour to the Basque Country for art professionals from Flanders in the first half of November 2021 (exact dates will be announced in September).


This visit – which will take place in San Sebastian, Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz – aims to stimulate the encounter and cooperation between Flanders and the Basque Country in visual arts, music, performing arts, literature and multidisciplinary practices.

The Flemish participating art professionals will get to know organisations and art professionals (according to their own practice and interests) operating in the Basque Country.

15 participants can join the visit. Depending on their interests, the encounters will take place both together and in small parallel groups.

For whom?

  • The initiators are looking for art professionals (artists, programmers/curators, art workers) and art organisations with a basic knowledge of or with an interest in the art landscape in the Basque Country, who are interested in collaborating and have the capacity to carry out a collaborative project.
  • The call is open to individuals or organisations (large or small).
  • Applicants must be working in the visual arts, music, performing arts, literature or multidisciplinary arts practices. By multidisciplinary we mean a mix of disciplines, collaborations between art and other sectors, and art practices working on social themes.
  • We expect a bio (organisation) or CV (individual) from the candidates, a short motivation about why you would like to participe, and the people and/or places you would like to meet and why.
  • Candidates must be available for the full 3-day period of the visit, and two days to travel.


  • Travel is by train one day before the start of the learning tour (by train to Hendaia/Hendaye and the accomodation will be based in San Sebastian). The return trip takes place the day after the work visit.
  • The working visit will take place in English. Translators will be provided by the organisation.
  • The Basque Government will cover the costs of the stay (4 nights), including the meals and the programme.
  • Participants working for Flemish organisations with a subsidy of more than EUR 300,000 have to pay for their own transport. For artists, freelance professionals and employees of organisations with a subsidy below EUR 300,000, the Flemish Government will reimburse travel costs to the Basque Country and back.

How to apply?

Candidates wishing to take part in this working visit are requested to fill in the application form below and submit it by Friday 17 September 2021 23:59 at the latest.

Apply through this form

The jury consists of 4 members: two members appointed by the Etxepare Basque Institute and two members appointed by the Flanders Chancellery and Foreign Office.

What comes next?

In Spring 2022 Flanders Arts Institute will organise a visitors’ programme for professionals from the Basque Country to Flanders in cooperation with the Flemish Government.

In Summer 2022 the Flemish Government and Etxepare Basque Institute (the Presidency of the Basque Government) will launch a call for proposals to support concrete cooperation projects. These can take different forms in the field of co-production, exchange of expertise, exchange of artists and art professionals or the development of showcases.

These learning tours and the project call are part of a Memorandum of Understanding that the Governments of Flanders and the Basque Country will sign within the next few months, which also includes cultural exchange.

More information

  • Flanders Arts Institute already has many contacts in the Basque Country and is happy to make its knowledge available through

in collaboration with Flanders Arts Institute