Operating subsidies: Accountability for and supervision of cultural subsidies

You read that right: quid pro quo. If you receive subsidies, then you have to occasionally provide feedback. Especially when the subsidy is paid in instalments. Then you need to make sure that your annual report is submitted on time. What accountability is required? How often? Who handles the supervision? And what should you pay attention to?

One thing follows another

It’s actually quite simple. Functional accountability? You do that with an annual report. Financial responsibility? You do that using your accounting. 

You submit these documents each year via Kiosk. For example, for operating year 2023, you must submit everything before 31 May 2024. 

Tip? Start on time.

Supervision: who and what

Who handles the supervision? The administration, the people from the Department of Culture.

What does the supervision accomplish? In your accountability, they check whether you used the subsidies correctly. Have you spent the resources according to plan, for the purpose described in your application? And are you doing that in line with the budget you drew up beforehand? Or can you explain why not? Anyway always follow the ‘comply or explain’ principle. 

And as for that budget…

First you submit one to apply for subsidies. Once you know you’re eligible for support, you make an update: new budget, this time incorporating the decided subsidy amount. You must submit the update by 15 October 2022, and from then on that adjusted budget will become the touchstone for your annual accountability.